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Diesel Help Australia, founded by Clinton Brett, a fifth-generation heavy vehicle mechanic and diesel fuel injection specialist who has worked in the industry since 1990. 

For technical advice, Diesel Help Australia can assist with diagnostics and training for all your diesel needs.

Diesel Help is a phone support business dedicated to helping the automotive industry diagnose diesels. Due to the significant increase in the number of diesel powered vehicles on our roads, mechanics are finding themselves in unfamiliar territory. Clinton Brett, founder of Diesel Help, has had OEM training and is an authorised service agent for Bosch, Denso, Delphi, Stanadyne and Siemens.

Customers can complete the Customer Field Report Sheet to assist in diagnosis. Through systematic elimination, Diesel Help can diagnose fuel system and common rail issues without the need to rely on computer fault codes.


If you are looking for further resources and training, Diesel Help offers both in class and online training.

A popular course that gives a great overview of common rail diesel engines is the Ultimate Common Rail Diesel Diagnostics online course. Lessons include; engine systems operation, intake systems, EGR systems, turbo systems, diesel fuel systems, fuel pumps and injectors, servicing injectors and pumps, rails and on vehicle diagnostic testing.

Technical Advice

Although we do not offer technical advice, we are happy to refer clients to Diesel Help Australia as we know there experienced team can assist.