Core / Exchange Explained

Although most parts in the automotive industry are manufactured from brand new parts, many are also remanufactured. Core charges act as an incentive for customers to return old units to the supplier. These parts can be rebuilt and re-circulated into aftermarket benefiting the consumer by keeping prices at a discounted rate. Other advantages include; recycling of old or hard to find parts, waste reduction and keeping parts available that might otherwise be redundant.

Please note, the core that is returned must be able to be repaired. If the core is not reusable, the core charge will not be refunded.

How does a core charge / refund work?

The core charge for the unit will be included in the total price. The breakup of this will be mentioned at time of quote or listed online. Once the unit has been received back by the supplier and inspected for its reusability, the core charge will then be refunded / credited. Please refer to table below for core charge amounts.

For example: you purchase a remanufactured pump for $1200 that has a $200 core charge applied. You buy the pump for $1200, fit it to your vehicle and return the old unit back. As this unit can be reused,  you get the $200 core charge refunded. Which means the actual price you pay is $1000 for the pump.

Please note special order products that are supplied from overseas incur a higher core charge.

ItemCore Charge (Excl)
Pump $                            400.00
Injector (Local Supplier) $                              50.00
Injector (Overseas Supplier) $                            100.00

Conditions of Return

The return of the old unit is the customers responsibility and therefore the customer incurs any freight costs associated (we can organize from our end and take the freight costs from the core charge refund).

The returned unit must not be so badly damaged or contaminated that it can no longer be repaired to fully working condition. The returned unit must also be the same injector or pump as supplied (it cannot be replaced with a similar one)


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