What causes fuel injectors to fail?

Fuel Injector Testing Service


There are some warning signs that can indicate that your fuel injectors may be failing or starting to have issues. It is always a good idea to have your injectors cleaned and inspected by a diesel technician to see if there is any damage or other items of concern.

At Cheaper Diesel Spares Australia, we offer injector testing. During this process the injector is cleaned, visually inspected and run through the testing machine. We also conduct an electric solenoid or piezo test. The machine tests injection spray volume and leak off amounts through various ranges including high, mid, idle and pilot. At Cheaper Diesel Spares (CDSA) we can test Bosch, Delphi, Denso and VDO/Siemens injectors. https://cdsa.net.au/injector-testing-service/

In the interim, here are some tips on how to tell if an injector is problematic:

  • Slow starting or rough idling
  • Surging
  • Bad fuel efficiency
  • Smell of fuel around the car
  • If your engine is running at ‘lower than normal’ RPM

What causes injectors to fail, you might ask? It may be one of these issues:

Fuel Quality

Contaminated fuel and impurities may cause injectors to clog and perform poorly. Although fuel quality is out of our hands, it is recommended to keep your vehicle maintained, filters changed regularly and injectors tested every once in a while.

Damage to Fuel System Components

The injectors themselves may be damaged. If the injector solenoid has failed, this may result in the injector getting power for longer and eventually burning out.  The seals or washers can also deteriorate and cause leaking, or general wear and tear and poor installation may result also result in issues. That’s why a diesel specialist such as The Diesel Centre Gold Coast https://dieselcentregc.com.au/ have reliable, highly quality diesel technicians that specialize in fuel systems to diagnose and install product correctly.

When it comes to purchasing fuel injectors, Cheaper Diesel Spares only sell genuine parts. High quality parts ensure reliability. Determining how long injectors will last depends on a number of factors however choosing genuine injectors is a great start.

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