Water Crossings – Don’t Get Water in your Engine

Landcruiser Mountain Park

Landcruiser Mountain Park is located at Jimna QLD (near Kingaroy) and is the perfect place to learn off road driving skills while camping with friends and family.

Grab your 4WD (whether it be a Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Mazda, Isuzu, Jeep, Land Rover or Mitsubishi) and with 200 kilometers of 4WD trails there are tracks for beginners to experienced off road drivers. Negotiate through hills, gullies, washouts and creek crossings.

There are also different events throughout the year such as the Winch Challenge and Ultra 4. http://www.aust4racing.com.au/

The Park also has camping facilities and allows campfires and is pet friendly. There are 4 main camping areas of Cowah Falls, Trakka Terrace, The gums and Fig Tree.  

Water Crossing - Don't Get Water in your Engine

Before going on a 4WD trip however, make sure your vehicle has had regular servicing and be careful crossing water. Water in your engine can cause substantial damage.

If this does happen however, Cheaper Diesel Spares is able to provide you with replacement injectors, pumps, fuel lines and more if required. The issues of fuel contamination or water in the fuel system is a common problem however we always recommend talking to a diesel specialist if this occurs.

If you are a 4WD enthusiast checkout the link below!


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