The final webinar - Fuel injector removal and inspection:
Another successful webinar training session completed - this one on Injector coding.... it starts at 24:50 - I couldnt work out how to cut it šŸ˜‰ Tracy
For those that missed it - here is the 3rd training session..... on fuel pump testing apologies for the video quality but the audio is spot on:
If you missed the first of our FREE webinar training sessions (this one is on understanding fault codes) - here is the recorded session:

We are currently not offering training courses but will update this page when they become available again.

Common Rail Diagnostics – Level 1 – $165.00 p.p. CAPPED AT 15 ATTENDEES PER SESSION (10% discount offered if booking 2 courses)

Currently, we are delivering a training package designed to provide technicians with an introduction to the understanding of common rail systems operation, key components and the function and the diagnosis of faults on the system. This course touches on a broad base of the most common systems currently in the market and the key component test procedures.

This course is delivered over a 3 hour periodĀ with Gary encouraging participants to take a ‘hands on’ approach to learning. This is an introductory course that must be completed before attending the more advanced Levels of training.

After attendance, Gary will remain available to students via telephone or emails to provide further diagnostic advice when techniciansĀ are working with a problematic vehicle in their own workshops.

Common Rail Diagnostics – Level 2 – $165.00 p.p. CAPPED AT 15 ATTENDEES PER SESSIONĀ (10% discount offered if booking 2 courses)

This course follows on from Level 1 with the practical application of the theoretical knowledge in session one. With a specially modified vehicle to create common faults, technicians are encouraged to correctly diagnose the fault under the guidance of our trainer

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