We get asked frequently...should I just replace one of my injectors or the whole set at once? Here are some reasons why replacing the full set may be beneficial!

  • Other injectors may be worn and may fail also – if your injectors have been running for the same amount of time or kilometres, they could all be worn and possibly fail. Getting your injectors tested can indicate if these wear signs are apparent and if any failures are occuring.
  • Lower labour cost at your mechanic – rather than making multiple trips to the mechanic, you can save on labour costs by replacing all injectors at once. Your diesel specialist will be able to install all injectors efficiently and ensure they are working well.
  • Buying in bulk could save you – ordering a set of injectors at once can save on shipping cost and installation and parts may be cheaper as a bulk package. 
Buy now Mercedes diesel fuel injectors for 2.2 / 2.7L Sprinter 1999-2006
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