Diesel Fuel Pump to suit Ford Focus / Kuga / Mondeo 2.0L TDCi, CITROËN, Fiat & Peugeot 2.0L 2010 - 2019 Reman Exchange

Diesel Fuel Pump to suit Ford Focus / Kuga / Mondeo 2.0L TDCi, CITROËN, Fiat & Peugeot 2.0L 2010 - 2019 Reman Exchange


  • Subtotal $1395
  • Refundable Core Deposit + $400
  • Total $1,795.00

BRAND: Delphi (Genuine OEM)


PART NO: 9424A050A

ALTERNATE PART NO: R9424A050A, R9424Z050A, 9424Z050A

OEM PART NO: 9M5Q-9A543-AA, 9M5Q9A543AA, 9678086680, 0275083KDR, 1920.QP, 9681945580, 1681994

CONDITION: Remanufactured (Exchange)

TYPE: Common Rail

CORE RETURN: This product has a $400 core charge added that will be refunded upon return of your old unit*

*Old unit is subject to inspection and must be suitable for repair before refund will be issued


If you are unsure about which pump you need, contact our friendly sales team on 1300 732 462. Please have your VIN or registration number ready and we will be able find the right part for your vehicle.


Why buy from Cheaper Diesel Spares Australia?     

At CDSA we supply only genuine manufactured diesel parts from brands such as Bosch, Delphi, Denso and VDO/Siemens to workshops and mechanics. We may be cheaper, but we’re not cheap! We specialise in diesel fuel system parts such as injectors, pumps, suction control valves, pressure limiters and sensors, rails / fuel lines, turbos, intercoolers, fitting kits, electrical connectors, leak off lines, connectors and anything else that might be required.

Cheaper Diesel Spares Australia (CDSA) is an Australian owned and operated company. It was formed in May of 2013 by experienced diesel technicians with over 40 industry years of experience.

Did you know we also offer other services such as Injector testing, pump testing, pre common rail injector and pump rebuilding, ultra sonic cleaning and wet abrasive blasting.



Vehicle Model Year
C4 2.0 HDI 11-2019 – 2.0L 110Kw RHE (DW10CTED4)
C4 2.0 HDi 11-2019 – 2.0L 100Kw RHD (DW10CB)

11-2019 – 2.0L 110Kw RHE (DW10CTED4)

11-2019 – 2.0L 120Kw (RHH) DWC10CTED4

C4 GRAND PICASSO 2.0 HDI 10-2019 – 08-2013 2.0L 120Kw RHH (DW10CTED4)
C4 PICASSO 2.0 HDI 10-2019 – 08-2013 2.0L 120Kw RHH (DW10CTED4)
C4 PICASSO 2.0 HDi 10-2019 – 08-2013 2.0L 120Kw RHH (DW10CTED4)
C5 2.0 HDI 09-2019 – 2.0L 120Kw RHE | RHH (DW10CTED4)
C5 2.0 HDi 09-2019 – 2.0L 103Kw (DW10C)

09-2019 – 2.0L 120Kw RHE | RHH (DW10CTED4)

C8 2.0 HDI 10-2019 – 2.0L 120Kw RHH (DW10CTED4) | RHE (DW10CTED4)
C8 2.0 HDi 06-2019 – 2.0L 100Kw RHD (DW10CB DTR)

10-2019 – 2.0L 120Kw RHH (DW10CTED4) | RHE (DW10CTED4)

DISPATCH 2.0 HDI 11-2019 – 07-2016 2.0L 72Kw AHY (DW10CE)

11-2019 – 07-2016 2.0L 94Kw AHZ (DW10CD)

DISPATCH 2.0 HDi 11-2019 – 07-2016 2.0L 94Kw AHZ (DW10CD)

09-2019 – 07-2016 2.0L 120Kw DW10CD

11-2019 – 07-2016 2.0L 72Kw AHY (DW10CE)

DS4 2.0 HDi 10-2019 – 09-2015 2.0L 100Kw RHD (DW10CB)

10-2019 – 09-2015 2.0L 110Kw RHE (DW10CTED4)

10-2019 – 09-2015 2.0L 120Kw RHH (DW10CTED4)

DS5 2.0 HDI 12-2019 – 09-2015 2.0L 120Kw RHH (DW10CTED4)

Vehicle Model Year
SCUDO 2.0 JTD 11-2019 – 2.0L 94Kw RH02 (DW10CD)

10-2019 – 2.0L 120Kw RHH (DW10CTED4)

04/11- 2.0JTD 94KW RH02 (DW10CD)

07/10- 2.0JTD 120KW RHH (DW10CTED4)

SCUDO 2.0JTD 04/11- 2.0JTD 94KW RH02 (DW10CD)

07/10- 2.0JTD 120KW RHH (DW10CTED4)

Vehicle Model Year
C-MAX 2.0 TDCI 10-2019 – 06-2015 2.0L 100Kw UKDB

10-2019 – 06-2015 2.0L 85Kw TYDA

10-2019 – 06-2015 2.0L 103Kw UFDB

10-2019 – 06-2015 2.0L 120Kw TXDB

FOCUS 2.0 TDCI 11-2019 – 12-2019 2.0L 85Kw TYDA

11-2019 – 12-2019 2.0L 103Kw UFDB

11-2019 – 12-2019 2.0L 120Kw TXDB

GALAXY 2.0 TDCi 08-2019 – 2.0L 103Kw UFWA | QXWA | QXWB | QXWC | DW10C

10-2019 – 2.0L 120Kw TXWA (DW10C)

KUGA 2.0 TDCI 10-2019 – 12-2019 2.0L 100Kw G6DA | UKDA (DW10C)

12-2019 – 2.0L 100Kw UKMA (DW10C)

12-2019 – 2.0L 103Kw UFMA (DW10C)

10-2019 – 12-2019 2.0L 103Kw UFDA (DW10C)

10-2019 – 12-2019 2.0L 120Kw TXDA (DW10C)

12-2019 – 04-2013 2.0L 100Kw UKMA (DW10C)

12-2019 – 04-2013 2.0L 103Kw UFMA (DW10C)

12-2019 – 04-2013 2.0L 120Kw TXDA | TXMA (DW10C)

KUGA 2.0TDCI 05/10-11/12 2.0TDCI 100KW G6DA | UKDA (DW10C)

11/12- 2.0TDCI 100KW UKMA (DW10C)

11/12- 2.0TDCI 103KW UFMA (DW10C)

05/10-11/12 2.0TDCI 103KW UFDA (DW10C)

05/10-11/12 2.0TDCI 120KW TXDA (DW10C)

MONDEO 2.0 TDCI 10-2019 – 12-2014 2.0L 85Kw KLBA | LPBA | TYBA

10-2019 – 12-2019 2.0L 100Kw AZBC | UKBA | UKBB | DW10C

10-2019 – 12-2019 2.0L 103Kw QXBA | QXBB | UFBA | UFBB | DW10C

10-2019 – 12-2019 2.0L 120Kw TXBA | TXBB | DW10C

03/10-12/14 2.0TDCI 85KW KLBA | LPBA | TYBA

03/10- 2.0TDCi 100KW AZBC | UKBA | UKBB | DW10C

03/10- 2.0TDCi 103KW QXBA | QXBB | UFBA | UFBB | DW10C

03/10- 2.0TDCi 120KW TXBA | TXBB | DW10C

S-MAX 2.0 TDCi 07-2019 – 2.0L 85Kw KLWA | TYWA

08-2019 – 2.0L 103Kw UFWA | QXWA | QXWB | QXWC (DW10C)

10-2019 – 2.0L 120Kw TXWA (DW10C)

11/07– 2.0TDCi 85KW KLWA | TYWA

09/08– 2.0TDCi 103KW UFWA | QXWA | QXWB | QXWC (DW10C)

03/10– 2.0TDCi 120KW TXWA (DW10C)

Vehicle Model Year
3008 2.0 HDI 11-2019 – 2.0L 100Kw RHR (DW10CB | DW10BTED4)

09-2019 – 2.0L 120Kw RHH (DW10CTED4)

09-2019 – 2.0L 110Kw RHE (DW10CTED4)

3008 2.0HDI 02/11- 2.0HDI 100KW RHR (DW10CB | DW10BTED4)

06/09- 2.0HDI 120KW RHH (DW10CTED4)

06/09- 2.0HDI 110KW RHE (DW10CTED4)

308 2.0 HDI 07-2019 – 2.0L 100Kw RHR (DW10BTED4)

11-2019 – 2.0L 110Kw RHE (DW10CTED4)

09-2019 – 2.0L 120Kw RHH (DW10CTED4)

09/07- 2.0HDI 100KW RHR (DW10BTED4)

07/09- 2.0HDI 120KW RHH (DW10CTED4)

10/11- 2.0HDI 110KW RHE (DW10CTED4)

407 2.0 HDI 09-2019 – 10-2019 2.0L 120Kw RHH (DW10CTED4)

10-2019 – 10-2019 2.0L 110Kw RHH (DW10CTED4)

06/09-12/10 2.0HDI 120KW RHH (DW10CTED4)

02/10-12/10 2.0HDi 110KW RHH (DW10CTED4)

06/09-12/10 2.0HDi 120KW RHH (DW10CTED4)

508 2.0 HDI 10-2013 – 2.0L 100Kw RHD (DW10CB)

09-2019 – 2.0L 120Kw RHH (DW10CTED4)

07/09- 2.0HDI 120KW RHH (DW10CTED4)

10/11- 2.0HDI 120KW RHH (DW10CTED4)

807 2.0 HDI 10-2019 – 2.0L 120Kw RHH (DW10CTED4) | (DW10CBDTR)

06-2019 – 2.0L 100Kw DW10CB

10-2019 – 2.0L 120Kw (RHR) DW10CTED4

05/10- 2.0HDI 120KW RHH (DW10CTED4) | (DW10CBDTR)

06/06- 2.0HDI 100KW DW10CB

EXPERT 2.0 HDI 11-2019 – 2.0L 72Kw AHY (DW10CE)

11-2019 – 2.0L 94Kw AHZ (DW10CD)

09-2019 – 2.0L 110Kw DW10CTED4

09-2019 – 2.0L 120Kw DW10CD

03/11- 2.0HDI 72KW AHY (DW10CE)

03/11- 2.0HDI 94KW AHZ (DW10CD)

06/09- 2.0HDI 110KW DW10CTED4

EXPERT TEPEE 2.0 HDI 11-2019 – 2.0L 72Kw AHY (DW10CE)

11-2019 – 2.0L 94Kw AHZ (DW10CD)

RCZ 2.0 HDI 10-2019 – 2.0L 120Kw RHH (DW10CTED4)

03/10- 2.0HDI 120KW RHH (DW10CTED4)



*Note– Use OEM part number sourced through OEM, the part number off the original pump or your vehicle identification number (VIN) to confirm the pump is correct for your vehicle prior to purchase. Date codes should be used as a guide only

SHIPPING TERMS For purchases over $200

Thank you for visiting and shopping with Cheaper Diesel Spares Australia (CDSA). Following are the terms and conditions that constitute our Shipping Policy.

Products are delivered nationally using major transport providers including Toll, TNT, Australia Post and Couriers Please. Quoted delivery timeframes are an estimate only. We do not take responsibility for freight delays that are outside of our control.

Domestic Shipping

Order Processing Time
All orders are processed within 1-2 business days. Please note orders are not shipped or delivered on weekends. If item is out of stock or requires a special order, customers will be informed promptly.

If a high volume of orders is experienced, shipments may be delayed by a few days. Please allow additional days in transit for delivery. If any significant delays are to occur, we will contact you via email or phone.

Shipping Rates and Delivery Estimates
Shipping charges for your order will be calculated and displayed at checkout. Trade customers please note shipping costs will be quoted prior to purchase.

Please note areas outside metro and regional locations may take longer. Items shipped to Western Australia may also take longer than estimated delivery times.

Shipment Method Estimated Delivery Time Shipment Cost
Standard Courier / Australia Post 2-5 business days Free (Over $200 Spend)
TNT / TOLL Express / Aus Post Express 1-2 business days $12-$40 (Location Dependent)

State lock downs due to COVID-19 will slow down deliveries. Weather occurrences such as floods or fires may also cause delays.

Shipment to PO Boxes
Cheaper Diesel Spares Australia (CDSA) ships to addresses within Australia and can ship to PO Box addresses. This option is limited as only certain carriers deliver to PO Boxes.

Shipment Confirmation and Order Tracking
You will receive a shipment confirmation email once your order has been shipped containing your tracking number. The tracking number will be active within 24 hours.

Please use the specific carrier website tracking function to find out further information about your shipment.

CDSA is not liable for any products damaged or lost during shipping. If you receive your order damaged, best practice is to not accept the parcel on delivery. Otherwise, please contact the shipment carrier to file a claim. Please keep images of parcel and damaged goods before filing a claim.

International Shipping

We currently do not ship outside of Australia as part of our normal trade. If you are wishing to purchase from overseas, please contact sales@cdsa.net.au and we can give a custom quote.





A 12-month warranty or (20,000 km) is given from the date of invoice on new parts and exchange units.

The customer must notify the supplier of the warranty issue when first known and cannot apply warranty without the approval of the supplier.

The warranty only applies to those parts that are deemed defective and will be replaced, credited or refunded (at the supplier’s discretion) at no charge. The defect must not result from any of the following:
The following conditions apply:

  • Modification or adjustment to the product
  • Incorrect operation or use of the product
  • Contamination of the product by fuel, oil or other impurities
  • Misuse of the product in contrary to the product specifications
  • Incorrect installation of product

Note the warranty provided applies to parts only not labour costs.



If a product is suspected to be faulty or defective, notify the supplier promptly at sales@cdsa.net.au. Proof of purchase must be given with an explanation of issue with photo evidence (if available). An investigation will be carried out to determine the outcome.



The customer must notify the supplier that they wish to return the goods within 7 days of purchase. Goods must be in original packaging and have not been fitted to a vehicle or used in any way.

The following conditions apply:

  • A 10% restocking fee applied to returned goods
  • Freight on returned goods is the responsibility of the customer.
  • Any relevant charges will be deducted from the refund or credit amount.
  • Special orders are non-returnable.
  • Refund is for purchase price and exclude any original freight/postage charges.



  • The price of the product is that agreed to between customer and supplier.
  • Online (retail) prices include GST and standard freight charges (additional charges may apply for express services).
  • All accounts are to be paid up front before items are dispatched unless credit has been approved or the customer is a current member of the Capricorn Coop.
  • Some products may require to be specially ordered. In this case, payment is required upfront and no refunds or credits are given for change of mind. Special orders are non-returnable.



Core / Exchange Explained
Although most parts in the automotive industry are manufactured from brand new parts, many are also remanufactured. Core charges act as an incentive for customers to return old units to the supplier. These parts can be rebuilt and re-circulated into aftermarket benefiting the consumer by keeping prices at a discounted rate. Other advantages include; recycling of old or hard to find parts, waste reduction and keeping parts available that might otherwise be redundant.

Please note, the core that is returned must be able to be repaired. If the core is not reusable, the core charge will not be refunded.

How does a core charge / refund work?
The core charge for the unit will be included in the total price. The breakup of this will be mentioned at time of quote or listed online. Once the unit has been received back by the supplier and inspected for its reusability, the core charge will then be refunded / credited. Please refer to table below for core charge amounts.

For example: you purchase a remanufactured pump for $1200 that has a $200 core charge applied. You buy the pump for $1200, fit it to your vehicle and return the old unit back. As this unit can be reused, you get the $200 core charge refunded. Which means the actual price you pay is $1000 for the pump.

Conditions of Return
The return of the old unit is the customers responsibility and therefore the customer incurs any freight costs associated (we can organize from our end and take the freight costs from the core charge refund).

The returned unit must not be so badly damaged or contaminated that it can no longer be repaired to fully working condition. The returned unit must also be the same injector or pump as supplied (it cannot be replaced with a similar one)


We don’t currently have any direct reviews for this product, here is what others had to say about previous purchases

  • You guys seem to have a knack and finding things others cant – and quickly too! – Glenn, Burnies Fuel Injection TAS
  • Incredibly great service, good prices and super quick delivery. I was in a pickle as an injector failed in my car. They had the part in stock at a decent price AND delivered it to me that same day! Truly incredible. Thanks again – Narran. A
  • We found the staff have a very good knowledge of all the parts that we needed for our vehicle and also found them to be friendly and helpful. We will be doing business with them again and highly recommend this company for all diesel spare parts. Once again thanks for the exceptional service. – AJ and GJ Smith, Qld.
  • These guys are excellent to deal with, I highly recommend them to everyone I know. The quality of their products and service are what keeps me coming back time after time. – Rhys.W
  • Great prices and quick delivery. Can’t believe it only took 2 days for delivery from the other side of the country. Wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them Great work!!!! – Michelle.Z

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