Common Rail Leak off test kit – Cheap and effective kit


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Common Rail Leak Off test Kit, cheap and effective tool for home or workshop.


For visually testing injector flow rate via return lines – Allows for simultaneous testing of up to 6 injectors.


This testing kit is for common rail diesel injector return flow testing or leak-back test kit is designed to measure the fuel leak- back from each individual injector to identify mechanical issues within the injector. It is a comparative test where each injector is connected to a calibrated measuring flask and the engine is operated through its range for a set period and the leak-off is read and compared to the rest of the injectors. In general, the injector with a greater leak-off is injecting less fuel, and therefore that cylinder is producing less power. The injector with less leak-off is possibly injecting excess fuel and that cylinder may be experiencing knocking. Both of these conditions can lead to engine failure. Refer to the manufacturer’s specifications for precise specifications. The kit is also supplied with calibrated tubes of smaller volume which can be mounted on” top return” injectors to test the cranking return rate on a no start engine. This kit is designed for non pressurized return, solenoid type systems.

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