Delphi injectors require a priming process to be completed before finalising the installation of the injector. Please refer to instructions and video below.

Remove old injectors as per normal

Ensure all seating is clean, flat and free of debris / carbon (use cleaning tools etc)

Place seating washers to the injectors (use some grease to help hold from falling off)

Fit new injectors the same as the old ones where positioned, do not overtighten injectors to the head as this can squash the seating washer and potentially seize up the injectors or give wrong spacing and lead to running issues

Make sure all the leak off connectors and high-pressure pipe connectors lines up

*** This next step is critical for Delphi injectors***

 Do not connect the electrical plugs yet

Connect leak off pipe as per normal

Connect the high-pressure fuel pipes to the injector, but do not tighten up all the way

You want to be able to bleed out any air from the system

Crank over the engine until you can visually sight fuel leaking from each of the injector high pressure pipe connector fittings

Tighten up each of the pipes to the required torque / tension

Now connect each of the electrical plugs to the injectors

Start the engine and immediately rev the engine to high revs (2500-3500 RPM) this will only need to be done for 3 – 5 seconds, rev the engine up 2-3 times

Let the engine now idle and double check all engine diagnostics and for any fuel leaks

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